Ebiz in corporation with Asosiasi Perusahaan Pembiayaan (APPI) to held event to explain Implementation new Reporting system for Multi Finance company. This event was held on 14 January 2016 at Financial Club – Graha CIMB Niaga with around 403 participants attended this event from Multi Finance Company. The event began with the registration session and then continue to keynote speech from Mr. Susilo Sudjono as Chief Executive of APPI and Mr. Dedy Lingga as CEO of PT. Ebiz Cipta Solusi.

After keynote speech, continue to the core of event. The first speaker is Mr. Yudhi Hermawan as Head of Delivery Services of PT. Ebiz Cipta Solusi to present overview and background of reporting system using XBRL Technology, introduction of XBRL, explanation of Taxonomy from regulator and implementation of reporting system in regulator. The second speaker is Mr. Dede Kurniawan as Senior Consultant of XBRL of PT. Ebiz Cipta Solusi to show the application using by Multi Finance Company. After that, the third speaker is Mr. Atmaji as Head of XBRL Division of PT. Ebiz Cipta Solusi to present preparing data for reporting and validation (technical and business).

After break time, Mr. Atmaji continue the session with the same topic. After Mr. Atmaji back to Mr. Yudhi to presented services for XBRL technology, this session emphasize about preparation of infrastructure and other supporting action for preparing monthly report. The session continue to lunch and after lunch continue to talk show session. In this session, the participants get a chance to asking some questions related with the material presented to the speaker.

The summary of this event is helping especially for Multi Finance Company to give information of XBRL, what they must prepare and what they must to do necessary action. With expectations when the new reporting system is official to used then the Multi Finance Company is ready to comply with the regulation.

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