SLIK reporting using advanced technology

fulfill your organization’s duty and compliance
Maleo Slik


Maleo Slik a web based application that handles SLIK regulatory reporting using advanced technology in order to fulfill your organization’s duty and compliance


Web Based

Easier to enhance. Enabling multiple user access.


Allow you independently manage updates from regulator. Feed data mnnually on demand, or set an automatic schedule.


Personalize the application to your company profile, logo, and color theme.

Ensure Data Validity

Provide data validation feature before sending the data to regulator.

Multiple Source Input

Able to map data from multiple data source.

Data Replacement & Cleansing

Format and cleanse your data with parameterized UI. Create and enable predefinded rules for your data.

Partial Data Fixing

Support to process partial set of invalid data returned from OJK.

Data Correction On The Fly

Correct data easily using form & excel based correction feature.


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